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There are so many ways to help our planet heal, one of which is incorporating sustainable development in our lives. It may sound very fancy and difficult for most, but it actually isn’t. Sustainable living is a lifestyle or a mindset where you try to reduce your usage of Earth’s natural resources by reducing your personal need of resources. Practitioners of sustainability reduce their carbon footprint by altering their choices in terms of transportation, energy consumption and some even switch to a natural cruelty free diet. It is not mandatory to follow everything at once, because we all know it’s not practical to become 100% sustainable just one fine day. It’s a habit you need to form and fortunately there are small and simple ways you can easily adopt and start your journey towards the betterment of our planet. And as and when you feel comfortable you can take up difficult habits and be in sync with the natural balance and respectful of humanity’s symbiotic relationship with the Earth’s natural ecology and cycles. 

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Of course, I’ve mentioned below some really easy sustainable habits you can follow, but if you want to train yourself to be more mindful, what you can do is, before you do any activity or plan on buying something new, think twice or even 10 times – whether what you are doing or buying is effective and does this fulfill optimal utilisation of resources? Or do these items you support are being produced in a way that’s even a tiny bit harmful to our planet? At every step, try to emphasize sustainability and you won’t believe how this conscious loving for our environment will make you feel better as a person.

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I won’t say I am 100% sustainable. We are not perfect and we all make mistakes. But as long as you are aware and you care for the environment and are willing to start somewhere, you are doing a wonderful job. Most importantly, try to educate your family & friends or share this post so that we all can collectively extend this knowledge and get in more people to live consciously in synchronicity with nature.


  1. Switch to bamboo toothbrushes or natural chew sticks.
  2. Keep a small cloth bag always handy. Refuse to accept plastic bags.
  3. Use toxic free, natural and cruelty free products (skincare, cleaners, edibles).
  4. Switch off electricity, unplug appliances & devices when not in use.
  5. Donate items you don’t need, reuse or recycle.
  6. Use reusable metal straws. Replace disposables with reusable items.
  7. Don’t waste food. Plan your meal wisely. Reuse leftovers or feed someone.
  8. Make your own non-toxic cleaning products, skin & body care products. DIY!
  9. Use vegetable scraps as compost manure.
  10. Washed lentils & vegetables water can be used to water plants.
  11. Switch to energy efficient lighting like LED light bulbs. Use daylight as much as possible.
  12. Use glass, metal, wooden or earthenware cookware and containers.
  13. Replace paper towels with cloth towels.
  14. Opt for no-receipts at restaurants & stores. Prefer email over printouts.
  15. Close the tap in-between brushing your teeth and washing utensils.
  16. Buy local. Help farmers.
  17. Practice digital detox once in a while.
  18. Buy eco-conscious clothing. Support ethically crafted artisanal clothing.
  19. Plant a sapling or even a tree. Purify the air around.
  20. Practice Yoga or Meditation. Connect with yourself & the universe.
  21. Smile more. Be grateful. Spread love & happiness.
  22. Share & borrow with friends and family (reading Material, clothes).
  23. Water plants during the cooler parts of the day.
  24. Avoid plastic. reuse if you have no choice. Recycle responsibly.
  25. Only run the dishwasher or laundry when it’s full.
  26. Rely less on personal cars. Use public transport, walk, carpool or bicycle whenever possible.
  27. Opt to receive digital letters, bills and notices.
  28. Practice minimalism. Be resourceful. Buy only what you need.
  29. Think and look around before you buy anything new. There are so many possibilities to reduce, reuse and recycle.
  30. Be a responsible human being ❤ Share this post and help people bring sustainability into their lives. 

Hope you found these tips helpful. Let me know in comments below, your thoughts and ideas about sustainable living ❤

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