I am Divyashree Mangalorkar Gupta and let’s talk about this blog! How I came about the name? Well, I’ve always considered myself a learner. So I wanted to build something that wouldn’t be a result of something I’ve excelled at, rather something I am experiencing and learning every day of my life. And that’s how A Philomath’s Journal was born.

A Philomath is someone who loves learning new things and craves to acquire new knowledge. When I figured out this word 6 years ago while conceptualising this blog, I couldn’t brainstorm further. I thought the word perfectly described me and now when I revived it, I wanted to stay with this name.

A Philomath’s Journal is mainly a food & travel related blog with bits from other genres as well.

When it comes to Travel, I have been to a few countries and not the whole world yet but I am hoping to do so and share my learnings about new cultures, people, food, landscapes, architecture, life..

I also make my own itineraries and if you’ve tried making one, you’d know the time that goes into planning and scheduling, especially if you want to see a lot in a short period of time. And I’m sharing them here, so you don’t have to go through the trouble. 

I have also been trying to cook and experiment with food after reading and reviewing multiple recipes and creating everyday as well as exquisite recipes for the first time. So I won’t say I’m an expert at cooking. I am a learner and most of the recipes I’ve posted here were tried for the first time and I loved every bit of it. So if a newbie like me can cook great, so can any one.

So if the content interests you, please do subscribe to my blog for travel articles and fun recipes, most of which are vegetarian, vegan & gluten free.

Stay Hungry for Knowledge

Happy Learning!

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