Healthy Alternatives

Everyday Healthy Vegetarian Lunch Options


It’s never too late to start living healthy. You’ve got just one body where you live and spend your life.  And it’s important to take care of it. And one such way of healing your body is by eating healthy.

Keep in mind to:

  • Avoid Packaged Food
  • Avoid Bleached products like Refined Sugar, White Flour
  • Avoid Plastic Containers
  • Eat Fruits, Vegetables and Whole Grains
  • Exercise Regularly
  • Do regular Health Check-ups

I am not a health practitioner nor an expert. I am learning everyday and a beginner myself. But after reading recipes online and tasting food at various health cafes, I’ve created recipes that are not only healthy, but also super easy to make. If you have a busy schedule or just plain lazy to cook an extensive meal and you want to start eating right, this is for you.

So here are few meal variations that are 100% vegetarian and diabetic friendly, most of which are even gluten free and vegan.

Once in a while I do use sauces and seasonings that may not be considered healthy. You can avoid these. Also you can use your own creativity and let me know what you did different. I don’t use measurements of ingredients while cooking. It’s fun to experiment and create something new every time.

Happy Cooking!

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