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Believe me when I say this, but this Pizza tastes so delicious, you’ll never know it’s made at home. I used a ready-made Pizza base which was a blend of Whole Wheat Flour & All Purpose Flour and then I loaded it with the best mix of veggies and cheese before baking it in the Halogen Oven. I’ve given cooking instructions for Microwave Convention Mode, Oven as well as Tawa/Pan. So do check their respective cooking time towards the end. I also made a quick Pizza Sauce to spread onto the base while I was chopping all the veggies. So everything apart from the Pizza Base & Mozzarella Cheese was prepared at home and took me roughly 20 minutes from start to finish in the Halogen Oven.

1 Store-bought Pizza Base (7-inches)
1 Tbsp Home-made Pizza Sauce (Recipe in Method)
1 Sliced Portobello Mushroom
1/2 Sliced Onion
1/2 Sliced Tomato
1/4 Sliced Capsicum
4-5 Baby Spinach Leaves
3-4 Pitted Olives, Sliced
3-4 Slices of Pickled Jalapeños
4-5 Italian Basil Leaves
3-4 Tbsp Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
Salt, Oregano & Chilli Flakes to taste


  • Let’s first start with the Pizza Sauce. You can use ready-made if you have or make one instantly. All you need is Blanched Pureed Tomatoes, Chopped Garlic and a little sugar. Cook them together until the sauce smells good and thickens a little. For an even quicker way, use 5 Tbsp Tomato Puree, 1 Tbsp Tomato Ketchup and 5-6 Finely Chopped Garlic and cook them until the sauce thickens a little. I used the Quicker method for this Pizza. The Sauce was enough for 2 Pizzas, each measuring 7 inches in diameter.
  • Take any base that’s available to you or use your own base. I’ve used a store-bought pizza base which was a mix of All Purpose Flour & Whole Wheat Flour.
  • Start by spreading the thick Pizza Sauce all over the top side of the base. (For microwave cooking, check the points towards the end of bullet points before applying your sauce.)
  • Start placing your sliced assorted veggies, leaves and pickles. I used half of the Basil Leaves and reserved the rest for after baking. Avoid layering your veggies. Two/three layers including one for the leaves is fine.
  • Sprinkle Salt, Oregano Mix & Chilli Flakes as per your taste. I couldn’t find Chilli Flakes, so I used Black Pepper powder and that worked equally great.
  • Top this with a generous sprinkle of Mozzarella Cheese. The fragrance of the uncooked Pizza should be enough to make you hungry! So let’s get to baking it!
  • HALOGEN OVEN PIZZA: I used a Halogen Oven to bake this. Place your Pizza on the lowest rack. I set it on Pizza mode and then reduced the temperature to 200°C and duration to 6-9 minutes. Check in between since your Halogen Oven may take more or less time depending on the model/brand. The Pizza base turned out slightly crispy and so so delicious. Since the Halogen oven cooked the Pizza pretty quickly, the leaves looked flaky. So right before serving, I topped this with some fresh Basil Leaves. I love the flavour & aroma of fresh Basil on Pizza.
  • MICROWAVE PIZZA: You can also make this in a Microwave. But for a better cooking, you need to first prepare the base before loading it with toppings. So first preheat your microwave in the conventional mode for 5 minutes at 200°C. Then bake the Pizza base with the bottom side facing up for 3 minutes at 200°C. Now take it out and turn it back up (the uncooked side) and top with your sauces and veggies as usual and place it now back into the microwave for 8 minutes at 200°C. Do check in between since your microwave may take more or less time depending on the model/brand.
  • OVEN PIZZA: If you have an Oven, then bake this pizza in a preheated oven for 10 – 11 mins on 180°C and 2-3 mins on 220°C. Check once in between since your Oven may take more or less time depending on the model/brand.
  • PAN PIZZA: If you don’t have any of the above appliances, you can use a Pan (Tawa) to make this pizza. Grease the pan with some butter or oil. Place the prepared pizza base with toppings. Cover the pan with a lid and let it cook for 7-8 minutes on low flame, until the cheese melts and the veggies get cooked. Keep checking every now and then. Leaving it unattended may result in a burnt base.
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