Beautiful You!


Don’t you wish you had flawless skin like a new born baby? I think we all crave that, atleast I do! We were all born with such wonderful skin but thanks to harsh UV rays, pollution, stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy food and cosmetics; you’ve lost that heavenly charm. The natural moisture and suppleness your skin once had as a child, has just disappeared, replacing it with unwanted acne, pigmentation and blemishes that only hurts you further. Sometimes escaping into the forests forever seems like the only solution, but unfortunately you can’t do that. But hey! It’s not the end of the world if you feel you have to deal with skin problems every day. We all suffer in some way or the other and a great smile can instantly beautify your face! But if that’s not what you’ve come here for, check out my posts on DIY home remedies #tagged with #BeautifulYou and it will help you regain your original skin tone and complexion. You may not see immediate results and the time it takes may vary depending on your skin type. So start gathering all your patience if you really want to see visible changes! But before you begin, ensure you do a patch test on your skin if your skin is too sensitive and do not try any remedy if you are allergic to the ingredients. Everyone’s different and nobody knows your skin better than you do.

Stay Beautiful, Stay Happy.

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